Scamps Grooming FAQ

1. How much does it cost to get groomed at Scamps?

Grooming appointments can be booked online or by phone, with options to include social play time, group walks, and desensitization to various triggers. Just let us know your concerns so we can make a plan together.

Our 6-hour Scamps Day, for $85, covers all the bases for most city dogs, including nail trim, bath, brush out, and seasonal cut, with a neighbourhood walk with the pack, and time to play and relax.

You can also select the services you need à la carte, or add time for extra work.

Check out our Grooming Star System for details.

2. What grooming services does Scamps offer?

  • Face & Feet services for $14: trim toenails and foot pads, clear sightlines around the eyes, and/or clean the ears
  • Deshedding/Removing mats for $25/hour: seasonal or regular brushing to keep coats shining, and couches fur-free 🙂
  • Bath and Blow Dry for $18 – $23/hour (min. 2-hours): it takes time to dry the coats. Always longer than you expect…
  • Hair Cuts for $28/hour: if the coat is brushed out and clean, most cuts take just 1 – 2 hours

3. Can I bring my dog if they are nervous and/or “hate being groomed”?

We specialize in desensitization, and we’re local! Our monthly training packages let you do lots of visits so your dog learns to love being clean and cared for. With a schedule of play, rest, care, and learning, the nail trim is just another part of the routine. Everyone’s doing it. 🙂

  • 4 weeks to trim nails for $50: schedule an hour / week to familiarize them with the process. They can watch their friends get lots of treats for each clip, and then take their turn.
  • Plan for weekly maintenance for $180 so they can get used to being handled. A 4-hour visit each week gets their nails checked and/or trimmed, a brushout, walk, and group play time.

If your dog loves to play and learn with a pack of friends, you can schedule 24 hours a month however you like, and request grooming services as the needs arise. It’s all on the table for $384 a month!

We can also make arrangements for daily walks, including home pick-up and drop-off. If you live in Cedar Cottage, Scamps will come to you!

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