Trim & Social: a club for dogs

Dogs are historically pack animals: they play and learn, and groom together. Trust builds among the dogs when they go for walks and that trust gets transferred to their groomer (YAY!) when they watch their friends getting groomed.

The Trim and Social Dog Club makes the most of their group mentality, and teaches all the pups how to keep calm and healthy in the urban setting.

How it works:

Trim and Social calls are 4 hour visits that include a walk, socializing with up to 6 neighbourhood pups, and a health check of their feet, ears, coat, and teeth. The cost for one session is $45, and when they come weekly ($180 for 4 weeks), everything gets so much easier, we have time to do a bath (by request) for free!

It starts with getting comfortable

If you’re in Cedar Cottage, we’re right down the street, next to the Save On at Knight and King Ed, so the dogs get to know each other. We can even include home pick-ups and drop-offs around 9am, 1pm, and 5pm.

Flexibility is on the agenda!

The more often they visit, the quicker they pick up on routines, and you can schedule your Scamps visits around your life! Our booking system lets you manage your time with as little as 12 hours notice. For day-of arrangements, please use text or (even better!) Whatsapp.

The Club is accepting new members!

To join the Trim and Social Club for dogs, fill in the registration form below, and schedule your Meet and Greet as soon as you’re ready.

Members are telling us their dogs are more comfortable with grooming at home within a couple of visits, and even reactivity on walks can be reduced when pups feel like they’re part of a pack.

Check the reviews on Google (or leave your own! 😉 ) for more about what we’re doing for Cedar Cottage dogs.

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