Leaving town is exciting…

… unless your pets have nowhere to stay… 🙁

Scamps Community Boarding, our network of Kensington/Cedar Cottage families, has room in homes (and hearts) to help you out, and best of all: your dog stays in the neighbourhood with all their friends!

Count on Scamps!

  • Our Boarders have first aid and emergency training, a pet-friendly home, and a commitment to care.
  • Your pets will snuggle in with a new family or friend, get out to play with pups, AND get groomed! Daily!
  • “Meet” our boarders online, and communicate directly once a booking is confirmed.
  • Plus, PHOTOS!! shared daily through Whatsapp (It’s free!)

Community Boarding in Cedar Cottage

1st Pet

Any 6+ hours, 8am – 6pm $ 50

24 Hours – inc. 4 walks $ 75

Weeklong stay $ 455

Administration of Medication $ 10

Additional Pets

6+ hours between 8am – 6pm $ 20

24 Hours – inc. 4 walks $ 25

Weeklong stay $ 125

Administration of Medication $ 10

Pets to be dropped off at Scamps, with food and supplies, unless otherwise agreed.

We love to let the dogs out! Click here for info about our daily walk schedule, for while you’re gone, or when you’re back.