If you live in the Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood, and need daily, weekly, occasional, or sporadic walking or home visits, Scamps Walks has you covered!

Count on Scamps!

  • Our walkers receive a min. of 8 hrs of training in Pet First Aid, Behaviour Guidance, Home Security, and Emergency Reporting
  • Our Youth Program for kids aged 12 – 16 partners them with an experienced walker, and provides them with first-time employment mentoring
  • Families receive photos of their pets’ time with Scamps through Google Photos!

Walks and Home Visits

Join the Scamps pack for any of our three 40-minute daily walks, flexibly scheduled:

  • 8 – 10am
  • 12 – 2pm
  • 4 – 6pm

You can also request specific timing or individual attention. We can even administer medication, according to instructions.


40 minute walk or visit: $25

5-pack of walks: $100

Off-schedule timing: +$10

Individual care: +$10

Additional Pets: +$10

Medication: $10

We offer home service for pups in Cedar Cottage, from Nanaimo St., to Fraser, and Broadway to East 41st.

After the walk, make the most of Scamps!

Trim & Social Club for Dogs

Sniffing all the smells is good for dogs’ mental health, and doing it with friends is a social learning activity that reduces anxiety and reactivity, because they’re part of a pack. It works for grooming too!

Our Trim & Social Call for $45 is a 4-hour doggy social session, with grooming (brushout, toenail check, trim), walks, and time to play – and home service in Cedar Cottage (pick-up and drop-off) included!

Scamps Day – with or without a bath

Got a longer day?

For 5 hours or more, our Scamps Day is a flat $50 when you do the delivery, and just $5/direction for pick up and drop off. Scamps go for walks, get groomed, and practice being good dogs.

If you’re staying for at least 6 hours, you can add a bath and dry for $35, and get one hour of hair cutting for free.

Find out more about our Social Grooming Program below: