If you live in the Kensington/Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood, and need daily, weekly, occasional, or sporadic walking and home visits, Scamps Walks has you covered!

Count on Scamps!

  • Our walkers receive a min. of 8 hrs of training in Pet First Aid, Behaviour Guidance, Home Security, and Emergency Reporting
  • Our Youth Program for kids aged 12 – 16 partners them with an experienced walker, and provides them with first-time employment mentoring
  • Families receive photos of their pets’ time with Scamps through Google Photos!

Home Visits and Walks

Break up a long day with a home visit and/or walk around your local area.

Schedule your ideal time, through our website, with as little 24 hours notice.

If required, we can also administer medication for $10.

40 Minute Visit

First Pet – $25

Additional Pet – $10/each

Up to 2 hours out

First Pet – $50

Additional Pet – $20/each

Urban Group Hikes – 2 hour adventures

Exercise and socialize with any of our 3 weekly excursions – with fenced off-leash opportunities!

Find the schedule online and book in with as little 24 hours notice.

Please note: families based outside of the Kensington/Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood will be billed an additional travel fee of $10.