Dog-Friendly Art Show

Thank you for coming to our first community art party on Sunday, Nov. 19, 2023. Our friends and their dogs came to check out our Nature-Inspired Art Show, in support of the BCSPCA, and we’re happy to report that we raised over $200 through donations and art sales!

The show ended on Nov. 25, at 1460 Cedar Cottage Mews, but thanks to our new Scamps online Store, several of the prints are still available for purchase.

Check out the collection here.


Special thanks to Authentic Wines & Spirits our wine sponsor for the evening, and to all the artists for their submissions, especially Chikako Ogawa, who’s whimsical illustrations struck a chord with our visitors.

Fundraiser Special

10% of the show sales went towards the Vancouver SPCA. With one notable exception:

Half the purchase price for any of the prints by last summer’s resident artist Jennifer Bachhuber will go towards our $500 fundraising goal!

Meet the 2023 Artists

Jennifer Bachhuber

Jennifer Bachhuber is an Ottawa-based artist who found her passion for pet portraiture while visiting Vancouver BC in 2023.

The dogs she met inspired her to create a short series of paintings – trying to capture the unique glow she found in each one. @jennypennypaints

Anna Faye Woodworth

Anna Faye Woodworth uses art to express her love for Mother Nature’s creations. Through oil painting and mixed media illustration, her work is often grounded in bold uses of colour. Finding inspiration from her upbringing in Saskatchewan as well as her years living in the Rocky Mountains, she found herself ready to apply herself to her painting journey.

Anna is now in her fourth year of the Visual Arts Program at Emily Carr University of Art & Design. @annafaye_art

Eloise Gebbie

Eloise is a traditional artist from South London, primarily painting highly colourful, surreal acrylic portraits.

She finds inspiration from her own dreams and nightmares, Greek mythology, and nature.

Eloise’s work has been displayed in galleries around Vancouver and she takes commissions on request. @art_decko_

Email her at with any ideas or to learn more about the process.

Mike Jackson

Mike Jackson is a local small business owner, artist and family man. Having a passion for both independence and community solidarity, Mike strives to find the good, and give back when possible. His art is often irreverent while offering social commentary, having references to pop culture and abstract organic themes. 

For Mike, art is a fresh departure, not knowing where it will take him, and that’s just fine. @grubwear

Everett Nolan

Everett’s work explores the illusions of identity and the man-made archetypes that drive the considerations of our perspective, both historical and contemporary.

He works with found materials and objects in assemblage to video components, painting, air brush and drawing combinations commemorating the foundation of our present through a glimpse of our past as our landscape becomes increasingly less obvious to our heritage. @bcbocraft

Chikako Ogawa

Chikako is an illustrator originally from Japan, who now happily resides in Vancouver Canada. Her art is all about sharing happiness and fun. She has a playful style that can make any subject feel like an exciting adventure, and loves to include cute animals that add a touch of wonder and charm to her illustrations. @chikakoillustration

Charlotte Wilkinson

Charlotte is a single mom of a tween who keeps her very busy! She enjoys going for walks and taking pictures, and then turning them into cards, magnets, and other products. It started as a hobby and has grown into a nice side hustle, which also allows her the freedom she desires to spend time with her child. Charlotte has photo cards for all seasons, and can also custom make upon request. @charlottescards22

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